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The Pop Song That Nintendo Copied

YouTuber Thomas Game Docs wonders if the similarities between “Green Green” by The New Christy Minstrels and Koji Kondo's overworld theme to Super Mario World are coincidental. What do you think??

One Hit Wonderland: “The Eve of Destruction”

YouTuber Todd in the Shadows remembers Barry McGuire's career with The New Christy Minstrels before his chart-topping hit, “The Eve of Destruction,” made him famous as a solo artist, and explores his career beyond.

“Green Green” in Japanese

Children sing a Japanese version of “Green Green” on a television program in Japan, where the hit song, originally written by Randy Sparks and Barry McGuire for The New Christy Minstrels, was also popular.


Mighty Mississippi

Compositions by Randy Sparks like “Mighty Mississippi” fit in well within the pantheon of timeless folk songs. Barry McGuire's strong and distinct vocals in the second verse stand out among his fellow Minstrels like Ol' Dirty Bastard among the Wu-Tang Clan or a young Michael among The Jackson 5 on “Little Bitty Pretty One”.


The New Christy Minstrels were often regarded as a pleasant and clean-cut group, but when the Minstrels went dark, they went very dark, as evidenced by the grizzly fate (pun intended) described in Randy Sparks' grim folk telling of “Julianne.”

Natural Man

The seventh album by The New Christy Minstrels, Land of Giants, recounts many folk legends in its lyrics, such as John Henry in “Natural Man.” President Dwight Eisenhower was a fan, honoring the group with a signed quote in the album liner, saluting their “patriotic effort to preserve our American heritage.”


This Land Is Your Land” Live

The New Christy Minstrels perform their first single, “This Land Is Your Land,” live at Salem College.

“Joe Magarac” Live

The New Christy Minstrels perform “Joe Magarac” from their seventh album, Land of Giants, live at Salem College.

Mighty Mississippi” Rehearsal

The New Christy Minstrels rehearse “Mighty Mississippi” from their fourth album, Ramblin', in 2010.

The New Christy Minstrels — Classic 1960s Folk Music

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